Engagement Cycle for Sustainability – EncycleS









Engagement Cycle for Sustainability, or EnCycleS for short.

This was the name of the monthly gatherings created in London 2008, in hope that a virtuous cycle of engagement across different stakeholders would continue to achieve a truly sustainable society.

The core principles behind this name still stand true for me today.

How do we make our living environment comfortable in the long term as individuals, companies, countries and society?
What does “sustainability” or “ESG” really mean, and how do they relate to our daily lives?

Here you will find some information I have either published through other organisations, or information unique to this site.

These will generally fall into the following categories:

  • My personal ESG
  • Responsible Investor Column (RI Column)
  • Sustainable Events

There is no perfect single answer to address sustainability. So I do hope this website may in some way serve to stimulate the brain, add to conversations, and at times lead to a baby step forward for someone in the world.

*Note – My apologies to English readers that most of my posts in this category will be in Japanese for the time being, to address the asymmetry of information. You can either enjoy the wonders of auto-translation, or wait until I start communicating the world of Japanese initiatives in English – coming shortly!