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~ A Capella creatures that fly out of a musical jack-in-the-box ~

In 2016, a fresh new A Capella group called Hamojin came onto the scenes.

Whilst they are indeed an A Capella group, they are much more than that.

They are a group of four distinct and talented individuals who hold precious internal instruments that they display with such comedic performance.

Starting off with a bang in 2016 touring Hong Kong on moving stages, it is clear the group has evolved substantially since then as they launch their 2nd album, “Salad Bar”.

Each one a respected solo artist in their own rights, their personal developments along with the strengthened bond built through their tours has brought their performance to another level.

Ayumu Yahaba, ever the mood maker, covers the halls with his smooth voice. And underneath his humorous character, he is the steadfast glue that brings this group together.

KOTETSU, who is also a trombonist and seems to be able to play any instrument he can lay his hands on, evidently transfers this talent onto his vocal scat-abilities. His interactions with KAI’s “drum set” is one to watch.

Daisuke Ito, who has been bonding with the loop machine lately in his completely “solo” performances, is quick with his footwork in addition to his impressive falsetto high notes.

And Kaichiro Kitamura or KAI, who knows no limits in the sounds he can reproduce, is not only the reliable backbone beat of the group, but also a vocal jukebox the group play with for any sounds that exist in this universe.

Each having a foot into jazz, Hamojin not only harmonise well but perhaps their even greater merit is their ability to improvise and jam like an instrumental jazz quartet.

By all means do check out their CDs, but I have to confess they are not the kind of artists that fit neatly into a box, and you must also see them live. But be aware, should you feel inclined to see them perform, you are likely to get a work out from their comicality.

For those that have enjoyed their presence in Japan all nod in agreement that this group could go far.

Now, I wonder which, country next?

(Photo with thanks to Miyoko Kondo)