Hiroyuki Yokota

~ Travelling off the beat’n path with a saxophone ~

On a sunny weekend stroll in the pretty streets of Marunouchi, you may hear a bouncing melody with the gentle booming beat underneath.

The sound is of Yocotasax., a saxophone player, layering his melodic saxophone onto his original track music.

His tracks are filled with stories, which attract the attention of even those who are not the usual techno/beat connoisseur.

After sampling his tracks on the street, go home and put some headsets on and let the same tracks absorb you. Whether it’s the intricate beats of the “Tornado” fastly approaching in the city nights, or the young, fresh and playful sounds of “Drops”, there is sure to be a track or two for your liking.

In addition to his solo tracks & sax, Hiroyuki Yokota also performs regularly in a number of groups, including his jazz-based lead band called “Gaudav”.

The band’s name originates from two people that he has been inspired by – Kenji Miyazawa, the renowned Japanese author who wrote books including Gauche the Cellist (“Gau”), and inventor Leonardo da Vinci (“Dav”). Perhaps fitting with their namesake, there is both a rhythmical finesse and daring boldness to their sounds.

Here you can hear both the soft smoky wail of the saxophone in classic jazz ballads, to the powerful blasts on the rhythmical hotpot of sambas, irregular meters and 4 beats in one of Hiroyuki or Hideaki Hori (pf)’s original tunes.

But what is most surprising is how his saxophone takes you across the oceans to continents and countries afar, yet Hiroyuki himself has barely stepped out of the Japanese main island.

Perhaps his saxophone has adopted memories of the passers-by during the prolonged street performances. Or maybe the musical masters simply decided to reside within him when he plays.

Either way, perhaps the world in which the saxophone travels will someday soon be heard by the world over. Until then, come enjoy his music in the streets of Tokyo, or in the cosy environment of one of his well visited venues.

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Photo by Keita Haginiwa (See his “Your Eyes Only” series here )