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Kay Hirai

~ Tapping into the world of Kay Hirai ~

In short, Kay Hirai is a talented drummer.

But it would be naïve to leave it at that.

First, he is a creator of worlds. That may sound like an overstatement, but anyone who has listened to his original pieces in a live performance would probably agree.

Whether its watching the adventures unravel before the old clock tower, a travel through time to ancient battlefields, the swirl of water around the rocky landscapes in nature’s hidden beauty, or soaring through the sky to the rhythm of animals marching past below, Kay manages to capture these and take you to a new world which he has created. His originals are both meticulously planned yet also leaving room for creative flexibility.

Instinct tells me his music is composed in a way that only percussionists could achieve – meaning that in addition to the melodious tunes that are essential to the piece, there is care and attention to how the individual scrape of the cymbal, a thud from the bass drum, or a chirp from the saxophone can build the world we listen to.

His compositional creativity is not limited to his own lead band. As a producer, he nurtures the landscapes and stories hidden within other budding musicians and helps bring them to light – both through artistic direction and instrumental contribution. This includes Shinshu Jazz, featuring pianist Sayuri Isatsu, who puts the love for her home region Shinshu into the images and melodies of her music.

Eagar to share his joy for music, Kay is also not shy to take opportunities to perform in schools and host jamming sessions to help music new comers experience the wonders of musical communication.

But after all this talented multi-tasking, the most recommended experience is to hear his live drum performance. Not only is it a pleasure to listen to, but to see him effortlessly dance through the drum set is a joy to watch as well. His carefully prepared musical tools will take you through sun and rain, from east to west, south to east, and travel through the beats of swing, samba, bolero, and traditional Japanese Taiko drums. If you are lucky, you may also feel the presence of the souls of those that have inspired the creation of some of his songs dancing and laughing along with you.

So much more could be said, but better let his music speak for itself.

Kay Hirai’s Official Website: http://www.kayhirai.com/

Videos uploaded by Kay’s record label, Bright Sun’s Record: https://www.youtube.com/user/Brightsunsrecord/videos