Daisuke Ito

~ Giving a voice to music ~

Just like everyone else, as a young girl I used to be filled with many future dreams. One of which was to become a musical performer.

However, the glitz and the glamour, the aggressive self-promotion and luring sexuality, the smoke and the booze never attracted me, so whilst I still loved listening to music, I put a lid to my own performing days as I graduated from student life.

Or so I thought.

An unexpected prolonged stay in Tokyo introduced me to the world of Jazz fusion, and the wonderful musicians who performed day in day out.

The more busy and eventful my non-music life became, the more I treasured the magical moments in hidden venues across the city, where music and musicians transferred me to another world.

They gave me refuge, respite, laughter, rejuvenation, relaxation, and an intimate connection with music that I thought I would never experience again.

I could hear and sympathise with the pain, the worry and the uncertainty that was embedded into the souls of the composers and the players. But equally, I heard the droplets of laughter singing down the river, the hope, the warmth, the encouragement.

This was never more so than when Daisuke Ito opened his mouth to sing.

Or should I say placing music in the air, ever so gently, ever so lightly, but also with meticulous precision and quiet strength that every word that was spoken waded through the thick of your skin and seeped into the core of your body.

It is hard not to notice his love for the world around him, through the warm and intricate words he has carefully chosen for his original pieces. Many an audience have become blurry eyed as the words help open and heal the sores of their hearts, carried with a vibrating yet soothing voice.

And it is also not hard to notice the love his fellow musicians have for him in return. In the countless musical units he performs, his companions – be it a pianist, a melodica or bass player – are quick to provide him with a delicious bowl of home-cooked nutrition as they travel Japan from head to toe. Some have even dedicated a song to him, to encourage a little “me time” amongst his busy musical adventures.

And, it is of course no wonder that the audience love him, as he gives it his all for every single performance he makes, no matter how big or small. Already a musical magician the first time I saw him perform, he never fails to surprise with another trick up his sleeve as the days, months, and years go by, and as each new unit matures as the tours increase.

Perhaps he will never belt out like Pavarotti, and others may have the upper hand in mimicking the every sounds of the world. However, to me, he represents the birth of music in its simplest form, waiting to be heard, waiting to be played with, and waiting to be shared.

Each and every instrumental combination that he performs with is unique and unmissable in their own ways, but one group you certainly don’t want to miss is of Daisuke Ito himself – and only himself. The multi-year project to perfect the art of using one voice to produce an orchestra, a choir, a band, or a chant in the forest right in front of your eyes is definitely a performance to watch.

If you thought his out of the league performance was going to build an ocean between you, you thought wrong. His voice is as enticing as it is a pleasure to listen to, and has gently nudged the backs of wannabe singers, including mine.

He may constantly be running hundreds of miles ahead (and so he should be!), but no matter how little or big of a part music plays in my life, he will always be the musical pied piper who lured out the voice from within me, and no doubt for many, many more.

Are you ready to be showered by his magical words, or try resisting the temptation to let your own music out?

If yes, please visit his website to find the many shows he may be performing with across the country and beyond:


And to pick out some of his many steady bands, see below:

“Ibuki Sarasa” – Vocal & Melodica duet: https://ibusara.wixsite.com/ibukisarasa

“Hutarioke (“Two-man orchestra)” – Vocal & Bass (+) duet: https://hutarioke.thebase.in/

“Hamojin” – Four vocalists A Capella: http://hamojin.wixsite.com/hamojin